Bio: Hanna Saarikoski (b. 1978 Kannus, Finland) is a Helsinki/Somerniemi-based visual artist who graduated from Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. In her artistic practice she combines painting, drawing, video art, installations and performative elements. Saarikoski’s works have been on display in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Finland including Mänttä Art Festival 2012, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova in Turku, Kiasma and Espoo Museum of Modern Art.


Hanna Saarikoski

Tel: +358 407308481


AV- arkki : the Centre for Finnish Media Art

Office tel: + 358 50 4356 092


Upcoming projects and exhibitions:  

ILMA/AIR Gallery Oksasenkatu 11,  8.-24.3.2019 tue-fri 14.00-18.00 sat-sun 12.00-16.00 Opening 7.3. at 17.00-19.00 Welcome!

Gallery Oksasenkatu 11 had an Open Call on January 2019 with a theme AIR. Eight art works that were supporting each other and dealing with the theme in an interesting way were selected for the exhibition. The show consists of moving image, installations, sound works and a concrete poem.

SUPERMARKET 2019 Stockholm Independent Art Fair 4–7 April 2019 Sickla Front, Uddvägen 7, Sickla

Gallery Huuto at Supermarket 2019: The Great Wheel of Fortune keeps on turning – come in, spin and win an exhibition opportunity, fame and glory, masterpieces by Huuto artists as well as by anonymous geniuses, lost and found art objects, words of wisdom or a shiny badge. When the game is art, everybody wins! Of the question of the taboos of today, we’d like to point at a defining one: Ownership – the one the art world also has trouble dealing with. Our booth will be a carnival space, dominated by a large Wheel of Fortune. Lotteries are arranged, where real as well as fictional pieces of art can be won, pointing critically at the conventions of ownership, authority and originality.

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